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Belleair Beach Domestic Violence

An injunction or restraining order is one of the first things that our attorneys file whenever a case of domestic violence is presented to us. Such a measure ensures the protection of client should there be a real threat backed by evidence. The injunction prohibits a specific party to have any contact with the client.

A case of domestic violence does not stop with an injunction. While that may be the initial actionable legal remedy available, the case needs further analysis and study in order to determine a more permanent legal remedy. All facts about the case must be revealed and strategically presented to not only get the injunction at the start but to also ensure a more permanent solution. Our Belleair Beach, FL lawyers are highly trained and experienced in such matters. So, if you are someone that are in this situation and need help, know that our attorneys have your back.

Whether an injunction was wrongly filed against you or you would want to file one, call us and our Belleair Beach attorneys will be ready.

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