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Pinellas Park Father’s Rights Attorney

In the state of Florida, there are several components to paternity and child custody. Unmarried parents do not enjoy the same rights as married parents, and understanding what your rights are, and how to obtain more rights regarding your child, should be navigated with the help of an experienced Pinellas Park Family Lawyer.

Establishing Paternity

Father’s Rights begins with understanding paternity, what it includes, and how it is determined. There are two main ways that paternity is determined. The first would be simply by signing the birth certificate and acknowledging that you are the legal father of the child. Another method would be through DNA testing to determine biological paternity. If a father has signed a birth certificate, he is legally the father of the child, and DNA testing is not required. A family attorney will be able to help you determine if you have legal paternity, and if not, how to obtain it.

Rights of Access & Time-Sharing

While establishing paternity is the first step in obtaining Father’s Rights, paternity alone does not give you any rights regarding the child. It simply gives you legal responsibility regarding the financial well being of the child or children in question. You and your Pinellas Park paternity attorney will have a conversation regarding the rights of access and time-sharing that you would like to have, and will work together to develop a parenting plan that can be filed with the Florida Courts.

Favorable Results Require Dedication

While no lawyer can guarantee you will get exactly what you want, having a lawyer who is dedicated to your case, and that keeps the child’s best interests at heart, will often lead to favorable results. The desired result is an enforceable court order that establishes the decision making authority of each parent, determines time-sharing, and support obligations. We always work towards a resolution that provides the child with support and time with both parents.

Are you an unwed father in Pinellas Park, Florida looking to establish rights to your child? Contact us now for a Consultation!