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Bay Pines Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody is quite a common issue that normally comes with imbalance and disagreement in the family. Since such imbalances and disputes can turn bitter, it is almost always the children that suffer the brunt of it.

In the state of Florida, the two parties battling for the custody of their children have to be familiar with 2 common concepts. The first one is called Parental Responsibility, and this pertains to the awarding of parental decision-making responsibility and authority for the children. In most cases, a Florida court awards joint responsibility to both parents in deciding the important aspects of the child’s life such as education, healthcare, etc… However, in some cases, dependent on the situation, only 1 parent is awarded that authority.

The other concept in relation to child custody is Time Sharing. This concept pertains to the time guaranteed and allotted for each parent to spend with the child. In most cases, Florida courts award full custody with one of the parents while the other parent is guaranteed a specific time allotment to spend with the child.

Our Bay Pines child custody lawyers are highly dedicated in finding the most practical resolution to both concepts given the current situation and circumstance of each parent as well as for the best interest of the children involved.

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