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Experienced Family Law Attorneys at work


“I am one of the most dedicated divorce attorneys in the business, hands down. No issue is too big or too small. If you have a legal problem, our staff can help you find a solution.” – Cody Emerson

Why Choose Emerson Law?

Cody Emerson, Esq. is a dedicated law professional providing award-winning service. A graduate of Florida State University College of Law, Mr. Emerson spent his free time while in school volunteering at the FSU Public Interest Law Center, where he worked with indigent clients who were struggling with the family law system. This early exposure reaffirmed Mr. Emerson’s desire to help families who were in need of legal assistance, and Family Law became his main focus once he opened his own private practice.

Every Family Deserves Results!

Mr. Emerson believes that every situation is unique, and only with thorough analysis and hard work can you achieve the results that you desire. This is a challenge that he not only accepts, but embraces. His constant drive to get the best possible results for his clients has resulted in both favorable judgements, and in repeat business from clients who require continued counsel and representation.

What Clients Are Saying

“Mr. Emerson has been the best attorney I have ever had any dealings with. He has been very patient and attentive even though my case was not a great big one and not much compensation for him. He gave me the best legal advice and the best legal service I have ever received. I just can’t praise him enough.” -Marsea, 8/8/15

“Cody made me feel at ease when speaking with him. He was very attentive and kept me well informed.” -Jessica, 6/11/15

“So far, hiring Cody has been a smart decision. I wanted to give him a review of my experience with him so far because I can see that he far exceeds my expectations. He is caring, kind, and even came to my home because I wasn’t feeling well enough to go to his office! I have a feeling already that we will enjoy a long professional relationship with Cody and we’ll be sure to recommend him to friends and relatives.” -Tammy, 9/10/14